Camping Day 4

Another day down, sitting by the fire and listening to the lament of those with a story.  Maybe it’s just me but I don’t want to talk about other people and their issues. It gets so old.

We sat around the site much of the day, although we had to go into town to pick Fr up from the bus.  She came to camp with us for one night and continue on her birthday journey to Vancouver to stay with Jer.

Although I’ve had a very nice weekend with family I had hoped to have some alone time to nap or whatever may strike my fancy.  I did have books to read, and I did get some time to read them, just thought it’d be more.

You see this is the challenge I face, I want to have the connection with family but I also want to have some personal time.  How do you do both?

Tomorrow we leave from the campsite, me for home and M for Vancouver to begin some training for her new job.  She is both nervous and apprehensive about this step and is really beginning to realize her poor self confidence and it’s impact.  I think she has the strength to succeed in this and excel.  She is strong, she is woman.

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