Little Progress

I have been writing but my thoughts have been put into the uncategorized page, I haven’t found anything noteworthy to jot about for this blog, relating to my “condition” that is.

We had a fire last night and James, Leah and Kyra came over.  We are camping as I mentioned in the other blog.  I’d had a few beers prior to dinner and opened a bottle of wine to have with my steak.  I continued to drink that when they arrived.  Not sure why I mention this, certainly doesn’t seem particularly noteworthy.  The point I was slowly getting to was that when it came around midnight and everyone left I went directly to bed, forgetting to take my pill.  First time I’d done that.  I realized this morning and took it then.  I thought perhaps I’d notice some effect.  G had said that I may notice some dizziness if I went off but other than feeling a bit shitty from the wine I felt ok.

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