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I just read a little bit of a blog called “The Pursuit of Happiness”.  This gent has been online blogging for few years and is suffering from depression.  I can’t pretend to explain fully his travels but it’s enough to say he’s had a go of it.  He is in the process of trying herbal remedies to try and counteract or minimize his symptoms.  Is that the right word, “symptoms”?  Anyway you get the point.

I came across his blog earlier, like a month or more ago, and read some at that time but just tried to figure where he was coming from.  I didn’t get far so at that time I put a link to it in my favourites.

I saw the link again when I imported all my favourites into Delicious, a web favourites storage site.  It’s kind of a cool site where you import favourites from all the computers you use and it makes them accessible from wherever you are.  So anyway I came across it and began re-reading it.  It’s interesting stuff but I wonder how can people keep up with all the info out there that’s interesting and do their own stuff.  It seems a challenge to me to be able to keep up my own blog without reading multi-blogs of others, as interesting as they may be.  Hey, let’s buy and read a book on how to keep up with blogs and still do your own thing.  Another book I can put on the shelf.  I’ll follow in my moms footsteps, buying interesting books but never getting to read them.  Too many interests going on.

I did finish the book on Procrastination so I think I’m making progress, and I’ve been trying to just take on small tasks, or small portions of tasks, as the book suggests.  I try to follow up on completion of those tasks with some kind of reward, like sitting down to read a chapter of a good book (fiction) or some other “treat”, not necessarily food although if your diet would allow it that could be an option.  That process helps, and it needs to be a habit that I need to develop in order to replace the bad-der habits I have now, like not doing any tasks whatsoever.

Back to the Pursuit blog, he talks about the amount of traffic he’s generated, and I’m curious as to how he has done that.  Was that a conscious thing or did he build it and they came?  If I was honest with myself, and I really should be shouldn’t I, I’d say I would like to have some traffic as well.  I’d like to think what I had to say had some interest for some folks.  I wonder how long it took him??

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