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I’ve Done Some Naval Gazing, Guess What I Discovered

Old Truck DSC_0728-74-copy

I’ve tried to do some navel-gazing lately, unfortunately all I’ve come up with is ……. lint, and if I have to explain that I’ve missed the mark. The website Answers.com defines “navel-gazing” as: na·vel-gaz·ing (nā’vəl-gā’zĭng) n. Slang Excessive introspection, self-absorption, or concentration on a single issue. According to Wikipedia it’s also known as Omphaloskepsis. “Omphaloskepsis”, is …

It’s Alive

Have you ever thought that inanimate objects have a soul, a memory to go with their past life?  I have to believe they do. Everything, tables and chairs, trees and flowers, perhaps money, have a history, if only they could tell their story. Well, maybe not rocks but possibly them too. Imagine the tales.

Great day yesterday!

Yesterday was a super day, felt good all day and got a bunch done. If only I could feel like that more consistently, not swing between full of energy and drive and then relapsing to little or no energy.  That was my typical modus operandi bm (before meds), zippy one day and blah the next.  I’d …