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I often think of this site, rather the ability to dump my thoughts in some fashion. Talking ‘to’ someone isn’t really viable it seems so I’ll ‘talk’ to you.

Many busy days or so it seems. I often feel overwhelmed, unable to get the things done that I’d like to and unable to say No to additional tasks. This is not the retirement I envisioned.

I tried to explain to Maureen how I was feeling, how I think and how my mind works. I continue to come back to the concept of “Adapting” and how it impacts me. If you recall (and why wouldn’t you, LOL) “Adapting” is the process of my adjusting to my current situation. It can be explained here. Actually there may be better descriptions on this site, or others, but to find it here just search for the term.

Now, at this point I’ve done a cursory look for a definition of “Adapting”, from my perspective. Finding nothing at this time that fits the description I wonder if there is perhaps a better or more accurate diagnosis.

The bottom line I guess is that it doesn’t really matter. I feel how I feel, I react how I react, and I know that the required/forced interactions I can encounter on given days is exhausting. I can meet people on the street and be social with no ill effects. It’s the constant inundation that occurs through work or when in busy environment such as a party or large social gathering. I can do it for a time, and in fact seem to enjoy it, but it tires me. Perhaps it’s like physical exercise where you do the work and feel tired after.

On another note the featured image caught my eye when looking at old posts. The photo of Mario is one that I can use when carving the image for Madden, one of my ‘tasks’.

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