Back for a Good Time, Not a Long Time

I’m baaaack, as Jack Nicholson said in The Shining. My return is not nearly as noteworthy as his I’m afraid.

I’m picking up take-out at Brandt’s. Interesting how my posting most often accompanies a cold beer or two at some pub. Perhaps I need to say ‘adult beverage’.

I have nothing of note to say, other than what I’ve just said. While lately I have more of an interest in writing, and photography, I still don’t fulfill that desire regularly. In fact it’s been months since I’ve taken any photos, seriously I mean. I’ve gone out with the kids and done some random stuff but I have not gone for the sole purpose of shooting.

My time has been spent in other endeavours I’m afraid, and I just haven’t had the interest or energy to go out. I know writing takes no particular energy, other than just sitting down an putting some thoughts on paper. Like that’s so easy, or quick, or without additional effort. It can be, but it’s not. At least for me.

So I sit here, I’ve finished my beer and I’ve got a glow on from it and a couple others ingested earlier. Not a lot to say I guess. I actually have a lot to say, just not at this moment in my day.

So I’ll leave it at that. Another pointless post, but I hope they’ll improve. I’m sure they will.

Here’s a change in topic, another direction. I’m working on my personal site. Not that this site isn’t personal but I’ve been updating a site that has my name on it. My genealogy site. It also is taking some effort I might add. Most of my sites are. there are what….4 or 5 sites I run or manage? It can keep me busy.



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