Capture the Moment

It’s been days, or weeks, since I’ve seen the location of the featured image and wanted to record it. Today, on a walk, seemed to be the day. The light wasn’t particularly good but I wanted to capture the moment while I could. Trusty phone out, image captured. Not what I’d hoped but what can you expect when you spend no time setting up or planning your shot. Quite typical really.

I say the above as much as a disclaimer as a rant, or a whine. I often don’t really apply myself, and in all honesty that applies to many aspects of my life. I didn’t really at Celgar, I frequently don’t in my daily life, and as far as photography it’s almost non-existent.

This may seem like a rant, hell it probably is. My mood is sub-par and I can vent a little here, can’t I? No reason for a poor mood, just call it ‘feeling overwhelmed’. Like my life is sooo tough. Whatever the cause my feelings have been broadcast and there’s no taking them back. Blah, blah, blah…..

We have the kids tonight, Friday. Switched from Saturday night as we (Moze) has a soirée planned for Thanksgiving (Sunday). Taking the kids Saturday night, before the party Sunday, would not be preferable. Too much stress. So, tonight, Friday, is the choice. I don’t think Ayron was impressed, and that’s unfortunate, but this is our life. Has to be what’s good for us.

So a ‘walk’ was in order. I had originally intended to go out to the Mission area yesterday and photograph but that never happened, toilet shopping seemed to overrule. Today my ‘walk’, perhaps tomorrow, depending on whether I’m needed.

Time to move on regardless of whether this is completed or not. That’s life, and my circumstances.



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