Banal Writing, at its Best


Another day another dollar as they say, but now my days are going by spending money not saving it. I frequently worry about our future, financially, but I also think that things will work out. Head in the sand you say?? Perhaps.

This morning was little different than the others I’ve come out to blog. I no sooner open my laptop here on the front porch and my login/password software is asking me for Authentication. Jeesh, does it never end. Of course I don’t have the app with me, being that I came out with my iPad instead, so I cancel and try to ignore. Whether it’s a flaw in their software or not I don’t know but I try to login again and this time it lets me. Looks like this post may be full of Banal Writing, at its best.


Today we are off to the Summerland hospital with Madden. The ‘we’ is Ayron and I. Moze will stay home with Ivy and Mason, Stefan is working I assume. Why he is not going I cannot say. I know his work is giving him some stress and perhaps there are other issues there too.

Madden will have his rear molars removed due to poor enamel coverage. He’s stressed but handling it well for the most part I think. I mean he’s certainly showing signs of being worried but in general I think his behaviour has improved since he’s been taken off the meds. He’s a far cry from the idyllic child, don’t get me wrong, but we see small improvements day over day and week over week. There does seem to be light at the end of this particular tunnel. We’re watching for the oncoming train.

Yesterday he had a tough time getting ready for Little Owl, in fact refusing to leave the house to go. Ayron called me and asked if I could just go over to their house and cajole or otherwise persuade him to go to daycare so Stefan could leave the house for work. Apparently Ivy was waiting patiently outside with her backpack, ready to leave. I went over and collected him. By that time he had a look of defeat on his face and I could see the stress in him. He had white foam on his lips and he’s obviously been crying. He lamented that he was told if he didn’t go he’d get no electronics of any kind, tv, iPad and whatever else fell into that category. That hurt him to the quick. I brought him home.

He came around later though after a talk with Gram and some quiet time. He was forced to entertain himself somewhat as we got ready for our day. We were also contending with Moze friend Janice and her daughter Devon, who had stayed overnight and were preparing to leave for Vernon. Madden calmed significantly through the morning and Moze took him to Little Owl after lunch.

My morning and afternoon were used either chauffeuring or otherwise waiting for Moze and Madden, first Moze hair appt. then after lunch her extended visit to LO while Madden ‘acclimated’. I spent my time taking photos then drinking, coffee or beer, depending on the hour of the day. My trusty laptop and camera at my side.


I had another Doctor’s visit the other day, again to get a requisition for a blood test. My last test showed improvement but still not up to par. I’m concerned if I donate blood I may put myself back into a low blood iron situation so I need to confirm I’m ‘up’ before I proceed to donate.

The test results came back very quickly and while there was improvement shown it is still not as high as hoped. If I recall the latest result was 15 and the previous was 10. Depending on who you talk to those levels are on the low end of the scale.

I do feel better over the last few months however and whether it’s the iron supplements or the doubling of my meds, or the combination of those two I can’t say. It may be something else as well. Bottom line is that improvement has been seen. After all I’m writing aren’t I, that’s something, even though it’s Banal Writing, at its best.

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