Morning Words, and Other Stuff

Another shot at morning words. I know I had another name for it, and I will search, but for now I must just write.

I haven’t a topic however I searched through some recent photos and came across this one of Ivy sharing some time with me. I don’t recall why it was just she? but I wanted to go to one of my new Holy Place(s) and I convinced her to join me. I think in the previous linked post I may have referred to the back patio as my “new Holy Place” but my more recent favourite of Holy Places is the front. It’s typically quieter and certainly cooler once sun rises, at least until the sun comes around to the front about 2 or so.

On this particular day Ivy was, of course, on the iPad and I was ‘computing’. I may have been doing genealogy and I may have been writing. I might just have been browsing or on Facebook. That’s not too important. What is important, at least to me, is that Ivy shared her time with me outside.

She is such a loving little sprite, full of abundant hugs and now kisses. Her hugs can squeeze the air out of you leaving you gasping for a breath but relishing in her adoration.

Yesterday she particularly delighted me. I went to get her a bit early from Little Owl, the daycare, and I purposely parked out of sight. I furtively crept up to the large, front window, and peaked in being as unobtrusive as I could. I no sooner got my focus through the glass and what should I see but this little dynamo running full tilt toward the door yelling “Poppa, Poppa”. My smile must’ve been all encompassing as I opened the door to be met by a leaping little girl hell bent on expressing her love on my arrival. Made my day.

I’m not sure how she knew I was there, whether one of the other kids pointed it out or she just glanced over at the right time but the end result was happiness, at least for me.

We still have our moments, she is not all Sweetness and Light. There are moments where her inner spark ignites a fire of discontent shall we say. She is full of spirit and strong will as well. Channelled these characteristics will make for a strong woman, much like her Mom.

At any rate the kids will be here very soon, it’s nigh on 8:30. I’m happy I posted this, the challenge is to continue for 66 day (apparently what it takes for an action to become habit). Here’s to 66.

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