Third Time’s a Charm

Let’s try this again, perhaps the third time’s a charm.

Another morning post, or attempt at it. Got up a bit earlier than usual and came outside a bit sooner than other days. Still had Mac administration things to do, updates to WP for example, and my normal lack of attention span allowed me to drift somewhat once I was on the ‘net. But, here I am, bells on and ready to party.

The photo above is from one of the many car shows I’ve attended so far this year. I enjoy going to them and while I do like most of the cars I admit that my going is as much for the photo ops as it is for the vehicles, maybe more. I’m always on the look-out for that special vehicle, the uniqueness and eye catching ability the good ones have.

Some shows are better than others, some venues more appropriate for photography and comfort. I don’t prefer the parking lot shows however this photo was taken at the McCurdy Corner Show and Shine and while it is one big lot the organizers have laid it out so the cars are a bit further apart and they can be photographed with more ease.

The camera totin’ is a bit therapeutic I think. The ‘likes’ and comments on the social media are also a great stimulant and as can be expected they promote feelings of well being and acceptance, something I’m sure I crave. I look at it as my form of art therapy as well, and photography is art. These things I learned from Elly. I miss her, when I think of her.

When I’m out and about with the camera I also have my ‘alone time’, which is significantly different than ‘being alone’ or lonely. As I’ve said many times before I enjoy my own company and I’m sure I could survive with minimal human interaction.

At any rate my charges are here so I’ll have to stop. Perhaps third time is a charm, did much better today. Ciao

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