Morning Struggles

Like yesterday morning I struggled with getting the post started. There were updates to manage, curiosities that needed resolving, and just a general litany of delays. I’m here now but rapidly losing my interest in the process of preparing this post.

I do like it here though, on the front patio. It just dawned on me that I don’t often have a beer while I’m writing here while I usually do when posting from ‘remote’ locations. Remote being one of the pubs I like visiting. I think I have tried the blogging process from a coffee shop but I don’t recall the effectiveness of it. Like so many other things I’ve forgotten.

If I am to continue this I will certainly need to be more prepared. A perfect scenario would be to have a photo ready for the Feature Image, not struggling to find or take one at the moment of post conception. The topic of the post would likely help as well, although sometimes ‘winging’ it is a good thing. Spontaneity can be your friend.

I’m off today to run some errands, then meet Mom for lunch. She needs boxes for her move and I have things to do, things that I haven’t been able to do with g-kids in tow.

We’ve had the kids a lot lately and doing so is quite taxing. Yesterday was a full day in particular. While Moze entertained the kids I did more tiling in the kitchen.

Our most recent project has been installing backsplashes. I laugh at the ‘our’ and ‘we’ as Moze has had little to do with it other than feedback. To be fair she did help clean tiles and she did lay out the design on paper. She certainly took over with childcare as well. I guess my point was she had no involvement in the actual tilework. I’d like to get her to do the grouting, and I think she’s up for that.

I’ll try to remember to round up some photos of the projects and go from there.

Til we meet again,….

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