Patio Ponderings

Note to self: If you plan to write on the patio before the kids come then leave yourself additional time to prepare the laptop for the task.

I thought it would be nice to try something different this morning, writing on the patio while waiting for the g-kids. Generally I’ll move to the front lanai (patio lol) around 8 am in preparation for the kids arrival around 8:20 or so. Given today’s efforts getting the Mac ready that will be in about 3 minutes.

I’ve lamented that I either don’t get to write or I can’t (mental block) but I also know that often it just takes the effort of beginning to blog and the rest of the content will come (“Just Write”she said). Some days are easier than others of course but if I can continue this practice it may work. In actuality it does work, I just need the time to complete and this is where I will need to tune up my process.

8:25, they are here…..

6:45, off the clock as Moze says….

I will also sign off here. It’s been a long day, I’ve been tiling (backsplash in the kitchen) and Moze has been chasing all three kids. 2 are ours, Madden and Ivy, and the 3rd Mason. He is also ours indirectly and he demands as much or more attention than the other 2.

I’ve also been taking a turn at ‘chasing’, most recently at the pool until Dad picks up.

Needless to say we are drained. I will look to completing this trend of writing in the morning, hopefully tomorrow. Until then Ciao.

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