Another try at embedding photos of my journal into this blog, a bit convoluted but it can work.

I was just lamenting the possibility of a poor choice in buying the 24-70 mm 2.8 lens for my camera, seeing as I ‘lost’ the other one. It was likely neglect, partially being stoned and partially old age and forgetful I’m sure. My old lens was the kit lens when I bought my D750, a 24-120 4.5 I think. The 24-70 looks to be a great lens, don’t get me wrong, probably far exceeding any need or use I might have. I am what I am though, only the best for this boy and I’m known to buy on a whim.

As always I digress. I’ve had a snack and a few beers at Cactus Club and while my writing was relatively sound in my journal it seems to fail somewhat here. Often when I compute I get into an endless loop of ‘updates’, my failures at operating the computer satisfactorily and frequent distractions related to my surroundings. Today is case in point.

I sat on the patio, in the shade as requested and began my writing in my journal. All was fairly peaceful and I felt successful. After my snack of Spicy Chicken and a couple beers the place started to fill with the lunch crowd and became much more intense. I’m finding it increasingly more difficult to focus, I’ll quit when I’m ahead.

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