All About Nothing

Here we go, a beer under my belt and I blather on All about Nothing. And nothing it is, I’m in Milestone’s and the junk on the TV blows me away.

But I’m not here to critique the television content, instead I came to have another beer and attempt to write. Once again I’ve journaled on paper, both in Madden’s journal and my own, and I was left lacking. An attempt to blog seemed to fit the bill.

I began today’s journey in Mickie’s Pub, attached to the Ramada Lodge Hotel, and after travelling down memory lane there I decided to come here. Moze, Ivy, and Tabitha are at the show and I am having quiet time. It’s not particularly quiet here but the symbolism is there.

The Guts of the Matter

The sun is showing it’s face more often now and it would appear to me that winter is tapering off and spring is only a mere 2-3 months away. Only 2 or 3. What am I saying? The sun did come out the last couple days and that’s what causes me to feel this way. Prior to that each day was grey and somewhat depressing, let’s call a spade a spade. It does nothing for my mood, perhaps keeping me in a depression or funk I wouldn’t be in otherwise. I am weather dependent, let’s face it, and the weather has not been supportive.

My moods of late have been low, I want to retreat from life outside my home and lead a somewhat monastic life. It’s not like I don’t like people, I just don’t want to be around them. What does that say?? I tell Moze “I’m not Anti-Social, I’m Non-Social”.

Other Shit….

Did I tell you we bought another car? Not ‘another’ in the sense of an additional, but in the context of a different one. This one an Acura RDX, a switch up from the Acura TL SH-AWD we had prior to yesterday. I’ve officially become an SUV owner, a family man, the epitome of the mini-van ecosystem. Pity me now.

Just about time to leave, the beer’s setting in and I have to pee once more. And……I have to get the girls from the show and see what life has dealt me with regards to my Friday night. I may, or may not, see you again today. If not, hold it together…..

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