Crusty today, Am I just SAD’s?

Bad mood Thursday, I’m feeling particularly crusty today. Depression or SADs?

I felt ok earlier, just tired, and cold. I think I’m coming down with something. I hope it’s not the dreaded ‘man flu’ that was rampant in the news the other day.

Likely what put me over the edge was what generally does, the inability for things to go my way. As I said I felt not too bad this morning, other than the chills and malaise. It must’ve been the trip to Costco and the cf that happened there.

I don’t want to up-play it (opposite of downplay), it certainly wasn’t the cause of all my ills, just a contributor to them. In a nutshell the cashier mixed up my cash card and a new one I was about to purchase. Honest mistakes happen, and to be honest I felt ok mood wise after. For the most part.

After that I went to Home Depot to get some lumber but I quickly tired of sorting through the bin of bent, split, pitchy wood for a drawer I’m planning to make. Then Ayron called and enquired about Ivy, and then about Christmas presents. She wants me to get a gc for Moze at Additionelle, pffft. All in all nothing really agitating but my mood deteriorated and here I am.

Here is the pub at the Best Western, the 97 Street Pub, a place known to me as they say.

A drinking establishment, what a surprise.

At this point I feel like my life has gone into the toilet. Perhaps it’s depression (again/still), but I’m wondering if it’s more SADS than anything else. I’ve had it before, self diagnosis at work, and the symptoms fit. I don’t even want to write anymore and I came prepared to record something of Ivy’s life in her journal. Poor me, I can’t even think. I’m sad, or SAD, and I still feel crusty.

Signing off.

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