Just Write, Again…..

Just write they said, the words will come. Likely this is the same start to a post as one other I did a couple years ago. I may, or may not, look. Ok, OCD tendencies made ME look, here is the post…..

Somehow my excursion out and about is not fitting in with the scheme of the ‘powers’, they/that determine the synchronicity of life. I’ve wanted to be out, and here I am, but even though I’ve pushed my proverbial boundaries I feel ‘off’. I knew I wanted to come to Brandt’s for a couple days but my opportunities will be running out so I made the executive decision and came today. Is it the writing or is it the beer?

Generally I feel more in the groove but today, now, I’m not. I’m struggling a bit to write. Thus the “Just Write”, maybe I can be profound without an idea of what I’m doing.

On my Mind

I have a bunch of things on my mind. Nothing serious, not a profound thought in my head, but as on most days it’s full of thoughts and banality. I could say there are voices but that may leave you with the wrong impression. They’re not voices as such except that it is a voice, and it’s mine.

Currently it’s telling me to research how to connect Evernote to Dropbox. How’s that for a segue? Using Evernote more is one of those things on my mind. Such drivel fills my skull, and one of my challenges is harnessing that energy. My mind, not Evernote. But I digress, as I so often do.

This dancing about in my mind is so often typical. to focus on one particular task can be problematic and when I do, or when I can, I feel more powerful and more together. It just doesn’t happen enough.

Tasks on my Mind

So, as examples of my bent personality I will relate what I think about. This is no particular order but only as they come to the surface of my thoughts.

  • I think of the Gyoza I’m inhaling. Why haven’t I tried this before, it’s yummy?,
  • I’m concerned I’ve had too many beer (2) and my thoughts are scattered, read that ‘too scattered’,
  • I was thinking of Evernote and Dropbox as I mentioned,
  • As above but with an orientation to digitizing all my online date, bills, documents etc.,
  • I have thought of this coming week end (Wed – Fri) and weekend (Sat/Sun) when we have the g-kids. Their Mom is off to Toronto to see her good friend and we will be helping their Dad navigate the waters, childcare without a partner. It’ll be good for him, really good,
  • Household projects, including but not limited to: kitchen cupboards/drawers, eventual paint, and any other tasks that come up as needed or wanted,
  • Oil change in the car,
  • Outside/driveway solar illuminated house numbers
  • Ayron’s photobook for Madden,
  • misc photo projects and/or taking more photos, this includes becoming more proficient with PhotoShop going forward,
  • and…..any number of projects started but not yet finished. Those are my trademark.

So there are a few of my thoughts and there are sure to be more. However I’ll leave it at that, #2 in the list is becoming over-riding and I’m just not feelin’ it.

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