All About Nothing

Fell into Earls (haha, I like that, “Fell into”) here in Kamloops. Time to kill so I thought I’d drop in and write all about nothing. Have Laptop, will Travel. Seems most of what I put down is much about nothing anyway, hence Banal Writing. Having a beer seemed appropriate as well.

Today is our Anniversary, 39 years of wedded bliss. I think I mentioned that in my previous post “Just Write” They Said. Well, it’s been mostly bliss. Some ‘unbliss’ but mostly bliss. She’s good to me, probably better than I deserve, but I tend to think I give her good value for her money too.

In order to observe the anniversary of the blessed event we made a day trip from our campground to Kamloops, which is about an hour away. Some shopping, food, perhaps a movie. Actually it was her idea and is a good one. I’m lame about that kind of thing, I can be a romantic (and good at it occasionally I believe) but generally I fail in that regard. Just not the way I generally think. Too self-centered I guess.

In My Head

Most of my professional psych evaluations came up with that diagnosis as well. I think they called it being a  “Hedonistic”. Whatever they call it the evaluation rings true. For good, bad, or indifferent my life generally revolves around pleasure, my pleasure primarily. And not even pleasure as much as desires I think. Desires to have, and to do. I’ve always explained it as “if I die tomorrow I don’t want to have regrets, or “I should have…..”. I’m not oblivious to other worldly events or responsibilities, I just endeavour to work them into my schedule. I believe it to be successful.

As you might imagine that didn’t work to well in my career though. I think my employer thought I should be devoted to them. But that’s the topic of another post, if I haven’t covered it already, and likely I’ve done so many times. It seems to be a significant bone of contention, a thorn in my side, a pet peeve, the bane of my existence. You get the idea, I wasn’t happy and apparently (if this ramble is any example) it’s something I have difficulty letting go of.

End of Story

The moral of the story is that I’ve come to Kamloops with my loving wife, to shop, eat, movie, and any other pleasures which seem necessary. I hope she sees it the same way, as I sit in Earls drinking beer. (Fingers crossed). Any moment she’ll be coming in to check on me. If you see a post after this one you’ll know I survived.

I hope you enjoyed “All About Nothing”.


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