Feel Like Cryin’

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Similar to the song “Crying” I really do feel like cryin’. I love that song however and prefer the version done by Roy Orbison and K.D. Lang.

It’s Time

We were camping with our daughter, her husband, and two kids last night. This morning was their time to go, to make it to the next stop in their journey.

In addition to it being their time to go it was also ‘time to go’. I love them all dearly but when we are all sharing a 5th wheel then personal space becomes an issue. Even one night can be too much.

A condition that exacerbates this is when kids are not always as respectful of their parents as we think they should, and frequently their tantrums and lashing out also include us, the G-parents. The emotional outbursts become tiresome as well and they stress me unnecessarily.

One of today’s emotion filled events took place while Madden was putting his shoes on and getting ready to leave. He was having challenges getting one of his shoes to slide on cooperatively, the shoe back kept folding over and creating that bulge that annoys anyone with heightened sensitivities. And he certainly has those. We provided some guidance and tried to keep him calm but the more he tried the more frustrated he became, and the more frustrated he became the more annoyed and frustrated his folks became. His level of emotional pain became too much for him and he began to sob. That quickly turned to a full on melt down. Unfortunately this happens all too often if you have ADHD, as he does.

Ultimately he was put in the car unceremoniously and buckled in. Goodbyes were said and they departed. He wailed the whole time and his angst was evident. I felt for him, it saddened me greatly. I knew he was overtired and his emotions were on overdrive. There was so much going on in his little head and it broke my heart. I still feel like cryin’.

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