Art, and Automotive Repair

brake inspection

I’ve learned that Art, and Automotive repair have a number of things in common. This became apparent when inspecting the brakes on my truck.

  • Both demand focus, and with focus comes a certain disconnection from what goes on around you,
  • Skills are required, as are the correct tools,
  • Each can take you to other places, as in another zone,
  • Some level of creativity and ingenuity are handy to have,
  • Both create a positive outcome (hopefully).

I’m sure with some thought any number of additional comparisons could be made, I won’t continue that list now.

This came to me when, as I said, I was working on my truck brakes. I found myself concentrating on the task at hand, somewhat oblivious to other sensory input. I had a mental flash that “this is what I feel like when I colour”.

Art, and Therapy

I believe I’ve also commented many times about the Art Therapy I began with Elly, my one time counselor. It still surprises me how I’ve taken to the artistic side of my personality, how it feels quite ‘normal’ and even pleasurable. It is truly “Therapy”.

Art, a la DwayneI don’t for a second think I’m some kind of Salvador Dali when I mention my Art, my capabilities are few and hopefully with time each will grow. I’m currently just colouring, in books purchased for that purpose. Adult colouring books. Coloured with fine tip (.04) felt pens.

I do write too of course, I think that’s what you’re reading here. I’ve tried to draw/sketch as well, although I’m not nearly as proficient as I’d like to be. And there’s photography, at which I feel quite capable. My opinion of course and with all things artistic “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. And, with all things practise will help.

So if you agree, Art and Automotive Repair are similar, please let me know. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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