Flashbacks, of Syringa

Flashbacks of Syringa sunsets

I’m having flashbacks, and they aren’t the drug or alcohol induced kind. My flashbacks are the ones that occurs when you see, smell, or taste something familiar and it pulls you back to a prior life. They take you back to something, someplace, that holds a positive place in your soul.

In my case it’s flashbacks of Syringa Creek, and camping there a few years ago.

Trip down memory lane

When we lived near there I/we would camp there at least once a year, sometimes 2. In fact once I retired I would stay there by myself when my wife started back to work in Sept.. It gave her some time alone during a stressful period and it also allowed me to chill, relax, and de-stress in my own garden of Eden.

When we returned there to visit with Yuzo and Maho some of those strong feelings of peace returned. They came as we walked along the beach. ‘Beach’ is likely too generous a term, rocky shoreline is more appropriate I’m sure. I don’t love it any less though, walking or judiciously selecting your way among the rocks and driftwood.Those feelings were so strong in fact they were unmistakable for what they were, a call to action. A pull, a need perhaps, to return again.

I have very fond memories of taking my chair to the beach, sitting in the morning sun and journaling, or strolling and taking the odd photo. Longer walks in the afternoon perhaps, depending on whether a nap is in order after sipping a beer or two by the fire. Fires now are not allowed due to the provincial fire ban of course. The memories are still there though, no amount of legislation can prevent those.

A Return

A return to Syringa is being pondered as we speak. I’ve not yet told my wife of my desire. At this particular point in time she has other things on her mind and throwing another into the mix won’t help her, and it certainly won’t help my cause. She will need to be on board and my best chance for support would be to discuss with her when we are camping together next week. I’m looking forward to that.

If/when I make it back to Syringa I’m sure you’ll hear about it here. There is little to no internet access there however and I’ll have to drive or bike toward civilization to acquire it and post. That’s not a deal breaker though. I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again. Anything to help me with my flashbacks can be done.

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