I Think I’ve Turned the Corner, Out of my Depression

Flashbacks of Syringa sunsets

I’m optimistic that the title of this post tells the story, that in fact I have turned the corner. Whether it’s the weather (haha), as in forest fire smoke, or hormones I don’t know. It could just be my synapses getting their act together. Whatever the cause, I’m glad it seems to have subsided, at least a bit.

It was getting to be a bit tenuous there for a while. I wish I had written more about my issues and the feelings of recurring depression at the time but I didn’t. You’ll have to take my word for it here.

The Visit

A few months ago we were asked by an old friend, a former International Student, if he could come from Japan to visit with his youngest daughter. Yuzo, the student, had last visited us 4 years ago with his eldest daughter Lisa when she was about 14. Now the younger daughter, Maho, has begged her father to bring her to Canada to meet us and see the country, and the area he talks about so fondly, the community and family he spent so much time with in the late ’80’s.

Of course we wanted to have them visit, to see Yuzo once again and meet his youngest child, herself now 15. The window for this visit was small however. We settled on a period just prior to our scheduled vacation, they would come and spend a couple days in Kelowna and then we’d all go to Castlegar to camp.

The time came. Yuzo and Maho arrived, albeit a bit late due to a tardy flight. Our visit went well and the trip to, and camping in, Castlegar was uneventful.

The Aftermath

I would have to say in all honesty that the trip and visiting was tiring to say the least. Only Yuzo spoke English. Maho knew some English but for whatever reason chose to use very little of it. My mood was stretched by the time of their visit and we were already beat. We’d had other visitors before this and had done our share of daycare/child rearing.

I do not want to belittle or begrudge the visit with had with them in the least. We love them and we loved our time with them. The challenge was just that we were tired and needed some time to ourselves for a while. That will come in a few weeks and I hope to write more then. Having guests, and frequent child-care of the Grandchildren takes it’s toll, at least at our advanced ages. But hey, we’ll sleep when we’re dead.

Fast Forward

It’s now a bit later in the week and I maintain a relatively good mood. I’m saddened, of course, that my ADD had gotten the better of me with regard to this post but I’m here now.

The short version of this post is that I’ve begun to feel better with no increase in meds or other changes. The weather has turned the corner though and much of the smoke has cleared. I’m going to chalk up my depressed state to environmental causes. Anything profound I had to say about my condition has been lost to time. It’s unfortunate really because I truly did have some profundity in me……lol.

So, signing off for now. In everything banal I bid you “cya later”.


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