My New Home, For Now… Another Move

I’ve moved again, not me and my house-home but my personal/private blogging domain-home. If you are here (haha) you might know this. It’s my new home, for now.

My prattle has been relocated at least once before, if not twice. Some time ago, perhaps years, I wrote on a number of sites, more recently my own domains. I recall using Blogger/Blogspot, I remember the site that came with my service provider, certainly my most recent blog on sticks in my mind (, and at least one other site of which the name eludes me. I’ve tried various writing platforms, note taking apps, and methods for collecting my random notions. And random they were. They were also scattered hither and yon, like my thoughts. None worked so I graduated to this.

With most of those sites I posted numerous photos of things that caught my eye. Some personal, most not so much. For the most part I want to keep my personal life separate from this life, even though ‘this’ life is the most personal. I will continue to do that when feasible. In the meantime thanks for helping with the move. Hopefully this will be my New Home, For Now (at least).


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