Chatter and Prattle

I came to the pub today, Brandt’s to be exact, and filled in my obligatory journal (paper). It’s not so obligatory really, it was just something I started some years ago and want to continue. I enjoy it really and except for the commitment of time I find it therapeutic.

During the process of writing I commented on the ‘sound’ level here in the pub. Between the music, the background chatter, and the prattle (perceived) from patrons I’ve become a bit stressed. That’s probably a good thing for the pub, likely causes guests to drink more.

It does cause me to drink more, hell almost anything causes me to drink more. That’s a joke really, I don’t think I drink that much, but the auditory stimulation does increase my stress.

So, back to the chatter and prattle. To combat the levels of stimulation I’m getting from sound I thought I’d try something a little different today, I brought ear plugs. They’re custom fit units I brought from a previous employer, and are unobtrusive for the most part, but they are visible and as a result I feel a bit like one of those ‘old guys’, you know the ones that complain about music, noise, and almost anything that younger folk like. I’ve become that guy.

I’m probably that guy in any number of ways. I probably don’t even recognize most of the ‘that guy’ symptoms. That’s ok, I’ll live in my own little oblivious life.

So now my own prattle has taken over so it’s likely time to stop. Quit while the going’s good.

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