Make a Move

While life events are currently fairly stable the potential for that to change is high. The disruption on the horizon is likely a move away from our home for over 55 years to a city where our daughter and her family live. To say this will contribute to an increased stress level in our lives is probably an understatement.

At this point in time we are just in the preliminary stages of the transition. I’ve met a couple times with a realtor and the ball is now back in our court to determine when to list. Our initial thought was that listing the house in early April would provide the best balance of time on the market and shortest delay for possession should the house sell quickly. We anticipated a move in early summer, after Maureen’s school year is over at the end of June. The realtor feels that waiting until April may cause an unnecessary loss of potential sales, that listing now would be the prudent approach.

This of course means that should the house sell quickly, which I think it will, that we will need to decide what to do next. It’s of little concern to me really, other than the effort of packing up the house. The real challenge is whether Maureen would stay in town until the school year ends, and where, or if she should just pull the pin and either quit or retire.Those are the hard questions.

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