Many Things Have Changed

Well, I find myself at point that is, shall we say, disconcerting. That itself may not be the right word but it’s the best I can come up with right now. My intent was just to post a quick update and move on, but when I ventured into this site I was both confused and surprised. It appears the formatting has changed from what I remember and I was a tad ‘lost’.

Not to digress though, my update is that all is well for the most part, and while my home situation is somewhat discombobulated (read that the house is in disarray) I don’t feel too bad.

We’ve been visiting with our 3 year old grandson, rather he with us, and for the most part is has been enjoyable. Tiring, but enjoyable. Makes me glad I did it, raising kids when I was 20 not 58.

I just returned him to sender a few hours ago and upon my return home witnessed the partial dis-assembly of our house, thus part of the “disarray”. Some of the walls have been cut away, as have portions of the basement ceilings and the main floor hardwood. This is all due to water damage as a result of plumbing lines/drains being plugged. It seems our washing machine discharge was too much for the pipes to handle in their diminished capacity.

The other part of the disarray is that my crap is everywhere. I just moved back home after an 11 month stint away, working in Kamloops BC. It’s amazing how much sh** a person can accumulate/transfer in such a short period of time. It was/is a learning experience though and one I may or may not repeat.

So, ‘nuf said, I’ll fix this website and move on. I’ll fix the house and move on, I’ll just fix what needs fixin’ and…….move on.

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