Mr. Procrastination

My procrastination is running amok. And to top it off I’m not sure if the camping is helping or not.

One of the reasons we came out here, here being the local campground Syringa Creek Provincial Park, was for some R&R. After all, isn’t that why everyone goes camping?

I have some small jobs that I thought I might tackle while here, things like cleaning up and painting the trailer steps, replacing stack vents, maybe polishing the trailer wheels. Nothing too strenuous, and tasks that in themselves should take no longer than perhaps an hour each. Easy peasy. Just some time passers that help shorten my “to-do” list.

We also brought a wide selection of books, some magazines, a number of Suduko puzzles, and a couple laptops for writing and/or catching up on the cataloging and tagging of my photos. This is all for fun. As you can see, no shortage of entertainment or things to do.

Now this is where my procrastination sticks it’s nose in where it’s not wanted. I have so many things I can do, so many I want to do, and I’m perpetually stuck in the “maybe later” mindset. Whine, whine, whine. Quit your bellyaching. .

My failing (perhaps) is in having the mindset that I’m here, both camping and on this earth, to enjoy my life. You never know when it may end. I’m referring to our lives of course, not the camping. The camping will end when you get tired of it or when you run out of money and they kick you out for not paying. Wouldn’t that be an experience.

So I will let procrastination have it’s way with the to do list. I will walk, ride my bike, do some Suduko and perhaps read. I’ll do a little of each and try to find the balance. I don’t want to burn out after all, Ha Ha.

Occasionally I’ll also stroll the beach. It’s a beautiful campground and it’s situated on a large lake wedged between the mountains like a hotdog place between two buns. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I’m happy to be here, both on this earth and camping. We have a charmed life when you get right down to it.


So ‘Mr. Procrastination’, give it your best shot. You may wear me down but right now I have the upper hand. My challenge is in believing it.

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