Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

My first thought when hearing of this weeks challenge was how to portray ‘Change’ in my life, that kind of personal ‘change’ was top of mind. For any that have followed this blog you may have noticed some ‘change’, both in the format etc. of the blog but also in my perspective(s).

But that display of change was not to be. In my yen to find that all elusive portrayal of change I elicited the opinion of my wife, and asked her:

“What does change mean to you?”

Of course being a women (kidding!!) she described the monetary kind of change, the visual of coins and paper money, the change that is not only being removed from our monetary system and society but also the changing of  it’s forms as well.

Here in Canada we’ve removed 1’s and 2 dollar bills from circulation and ‘changed’ them to Loonies and Toonies, coins of some uninteresting alloys. These are not official names mind you, just nicknames come about due to their design. We are currently in the process of eliminating the penny. How you stand on that I don’t know.

So below is my (our) interpretation of what ‘Change’ can mean, showing a broader perspective of all change and narrowing it down to just the paper dollar and Loonies. This also gave me an opportunity to play with some of my camera toys, a remote trigger and my extension tubes. I can already see lighting is so important.


As always you can check out the other interpretations of ‘Change’ on the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge page.


  1. Albatz Gallery & Blog

    Hah! You just liked my ‘Change’ photo essay with its abstract concept of change – but when I asked my husband on how he would portray ‘change’, he, being a man (kidding!!!), ran over and shot his change jar, with one lone penny in it.

    1. Dwayne

      Love it!
      Just goes to show how our thought processes can go, and ‘change’ at any given time. When my wife suggested coins it was if a light went on for me, so the thought was there, just needed to be ‘exposed’.
      Have a great one!

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