I Love Mornings

I love this time of day, the cool mornings where all is fresh and the ground is oft covered with dew. I venture forth for my walk and while the last week I have been taking a shorter route I still drop in for my morning joe.

I hesitated this morning however. It’s not that I didn’t want a fix, cuz I did, more so that I’m try to consider my costs. Being on a fixed income I should question that $3 a day for coffee. That’s if I only have but one. And truth be known I had coffee at home before I left.

This AM I stopped at Common Grounds, one of our few ‘real’ coffee shops. Not that Starbucks or Tim Hortons are not real, they just aren’t of the mom’n pop variety. I had my usual Americano, double-shot.

I think I actually prefer Common Grounds. The coffee is more flavourful, certainly has more crema. You get it in a real mug too, and even though it seems to cool faster it’s also more like really having coffee. Know what I mean?

Well my joe is done, time to move on. My morning walk will take me along a nice, quiet, picturesque route. Perhaps a couple photos are in my future.


    1. Dwayne

      I’ve been trying different coffee shops to find that elusive “perfect cup”, but so far only a couple of them meet my expectations. That being said, try as I might I can’t seem to get it right at home either, but I’ll keep trying and try to stay optimistic. LOL

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