It’s … Hockey Night, in Canada

It’s hockey night, in Canada anyway. At least in some of our bars it is. Whether that’s a good thing or not I can’t, or won’t, say. For me it’s neither here nor there. I’m not a hockey fan, and I only came for grub.

I’m sitting in a local Kelowna pub called Brandt’s Creek. I really didn’t feel like cooking tonight and thought on the off chance I’d bump into a friendly face I’d step out and mingle. Here I am.

television, flat screen
tv’, tvs, everywhere

The atmosphere in Brandt’s is typically pub ‘ish’, in the sports bar kinda way. It has the cacophony of loud banter between patrons and the associated soundtracks from the ubiquitous big screen tvs. Each of the flat screens are showing the latest (or most popular) shows, in this case it’s, you guessed it, hockey. He shoots, he scores.

Why I’m here is the real question I think, apart from the need to nourish myself and quench my thirst. The noise is not conducive to my mental health, and come to think of it bar food isn’t helping my physical health either. I think I came hoping to be inspired. Maybe if I sat and enjoyed a Guinness the inspiration would float to the top of my mind like the head on the beer. The head was there first, the inspiration came later.

I guess we can all take writing inspiration from strange places, and while this place is not strange n the literal sense it is perhaps a place not typically thought of when one wants to be inspired. Why do I look for that influence here then? Would it not be more conducive in a nice quiet atmosphere, like at home perhaps? Well, I’m not at home, I’m at my daughters place in Kelowna, but the same rules should apply. I’m alone here in her house, it should be more than adequate to write here.

I suspect the reason is that although I am alone I also feel lonely. I miss the warmth of human companionship and will even go to such lengths as choosing a noisy bar over the quiet reflections in my daughter’s home. Such a fickle creature I am. On the positive side at least I think I can understand and accept my feelings, and that’s a good start.

So here we are. I’ve shared, and hockey night in Canada not withstanding I was able to collect my thoughts and said my peace. Writing in a noisy bar may not be the most appropriate venue to prepare a post but the game was good and the Guinness tasty. Could have been worse, right?

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