Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

Lost in the Details ….

“The devil is in the details.”
-German Proverb

When the Weekly Photo challenge was first put out my first thought was macro, however seeing as I don’t have a macro lens (yet) I would have to come with something else. The quandary dogged me for a while until we were at my grandson’s 1st birthday and one of the children’s parents showed up on a new motorcycle, a chopper with less than 10 km on it.

The bike was a beauty and while I know next to nothing about choppers I can appreciate beauty and the art of the detail when I see something that exhibits those traits. The art involved, and the craftsmanship and vision one must have to both conceptualize and bring to fruition something on this level. The devil is definitely in these details.

motorcycle, chopper, engine, motor
Details in the divine


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