Let Them Eat Cake

Let them eat cake, someone said, but before we eat cake we must first make cake, then we must ice cake. Birthday cake to be precise. And it’s not ‘we’ really, ‘we’ would imply that I am involved. The extent of my involvement is taking some pictures of the cake making event, and of course eating the end result.

The birthday in question is for our grandson Madden, his 1st. He won’t appreciate the effort, or know the difference, but we will. Hopefully in time he will look back on the photos and appreciate the motive and the spirit of love that went into the preparation. It’s all about ‘doing’ for the kids, isn’t it?


I won’t create a whole photo log of the cake making and decorating but suffice it to say it was way more work than I expected. The various cakes, both white and chocolate, had to first be made then cut in half horizontally, stuffed with pudding, and stacked. Once the shape was created then the icing was applied, in whatever colours were appropriate. In this case they were Thomas the Train colours.


Here you can see the blue being applied to the base.

After the next layer was placed on the bottom it then had to be iced. Here the girls are putting on its secondary colour. And then below, the piping.


Finally, c’est fini, Madden’s first cake. Thomas, you’re the man, er train.


Let us eat cake.

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