Mediocrity Breeds Contempt

I thought of this comment, and that it would make a good title, after I wrote my last post. It seemed appropriate somehow, I wasn’t pleased with my last effort, that’s the mediocre part, and I had some contempt for myself. I had such high hopes, I anticipated feeling more fulfilled once I was done writing it but it was not to be. I felt empty.

My reason, my excuse for the mediocrity, was haste. I was in a hurry to complete the post and move on.

I had written the bulk of the post while sitting in Barnes & Noble and unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) my wife finished shopping earlier than expected and I had to catch up with her. I left the post virtually in mid-thought, closed up my notebook and went to meet her.

From there the evening was pretty much a blur. There was a little more shopping, checking into the hotel, dinner, and then back to the hotel to power down.  It was then I made the fatal mistake, I tried to finish the post while being tired. Really tired. Not a good combo.

So apologies are in order by friends, I hope I can learn from this and ensure there is ‘no next time’. This is all in the light of knowing that all good blogs, those that attract readers and followers, have as a basic element “good content”. That’s something I’ve always tried to deliver, I’ve let you down.

Time to say good-night, it’s late again and I’m tired, still.


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