Season’s Bleatings

‘Tis the season to be jolly, to share the time with loved ones, both friends and family. A time to enjoy one another’s fellowship and camaraderie, and for many a time to rejoice in their Savior’s birth. Gift giving aside it is a time to share and express kindness.

Why is it then that far too often what I see and hear from people are the murmurings of discontent, or the frequent platitudes of “Merry Christmas”, or “Happy New Year”, but uttered with a downcast look or the glazed expression of someone who wishes they were elsewhere. They (we) all say it like that at times, like so many sheep bleating out their mantra. They are….our ‘Season’s Bleatings’.

Is that cynical? Am I wrong? Has the Christmas season become one of giving only, and generating untold debt to do it? I hope not.

Somehow the holiday season is missing something (for me), and that saddens me. Neither Christmas nor New Years hold that charm they once did. It used to be a time of anticipation, joy, good cheer. Now it seems to bring me stress.

On a positive note I’m far less stressed than in the past. Whether I’ve matured, seen the light, or become numb to the holiday’s charm I am able to enjoy it more now than even a couple years ago, and that’s a good thing. Perhaps I’ve just reached some kind of equilibrium, maybe acceptance or tolerance, maybe it’s just my desire to see more positive in life and less negative, maybe my writing has helped. Whatever the cause I’m appreciative, glad I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not an oncoming train.

Maybe I’m turning over a new leaf, or perhaps as I age I’m just not as interested in following the masses. I’ve turned into an old goat standing alone on a hill, not a sheep huddling with the masses and sending out my ‘Season’s Bleatings’.

To all my friends and loved ones, enjoy the season, hug those you love and care for.

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