Where Do You Stand on Only 1 Space After a Period?

Where do you fit on the 1 space/2 space spectrum, on how many spaces to insert after a period at the end of a sentence. I must admit, I’m a “two-spacer”, always was and perhaps always will. It’s just the way I am, just the way I’m built.

Now if you count spaces in this post you may see only 1 space after a period, unless I’ve automatically adjusted for the software on my iPhone. You see the phone will automatically insert a period if you double-space at the end of your sentence. Don’t know why, just does.

Sometimes if I’m thinking of it I’ll triple space just to have the period automatically inserted, and have two spaces after that. Dumb I know. If I post from my phone I get single spaces and posting from my pc I get double. How confusing.

So, does it matter? Probably does to some. Here it’s only idle prattle. Kinda the way my mind is working today.

So let me know, are you a single or double spacer? Inquiring minds need to know.


  1. Laura

    There’s not much of a spectrum between one space and two spaces. I’m a one-space person, but haven’t always been. I learned to type on an electric typewriter with a monospaced font, hence the need for the two spaces after a period. But since I’ve been writing using a proportional font, I use only one space.

    1. SkiDaddy

      I guess I’m stuck from the old school, and old habits die hard. In the big picture it probably doesn’t matter too much I guess, what’s probably more important is that we write.
      Thanks for the response,

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