Today’s Shaping Up to Be a Busy Day

Yesterday ended up to be busy, the sun was out and if the warmth and optimism from it’s rays had anything to say they were telling me to get outside. There are leaves to rake/blow and tis the season to hang lights.

I did need to take Dad in for blood work as well. That’s likely best done in the morning while he’s at his best, then he’ll have the rest of the day to replenish his energy and warm back up.

He’s been in a bit of a bad place physically lately. His arthritis has been hounding him relentlessly, it’s been so bad there have been days where he won’t get dressed. He doesn’t go down for his meals either and the girls have been nice enough to bring him a tray.

They treat him very well there as best I can tell, and he laps up the attention. They also seem to find him very charming, which is not uncommon, and I often wonder if they truly find him so or are just humouring him.

So I finished my morning walk and took advantage of the beautiful sunny morning. The clouds had receded from the gloom they laid over things the prior weeks. It was certainly appreciated, the lack of sun can throw me into a funk and I’ve been feeling so good lately.

I try to do this every weekday, drive my wife to work, drop the car and walk home. It’s about 6.5k (4 mi) and it seemed to be the only way I could consistently get my exercise. If I left my walk for later in the day it would often not happen.

After arriving home I called dad to ensure he felt able to go out. We didn’t really have much choice as we were overdue for his blood tests by a week or so and the dosage of his meds are based on the results. That went pretty much uneventfully, other than a lengthy wait, and he should be good now for another month.

After I got back home it was time for the next leg of my day, making soup. We had picked up a rotisserie chicken the other day after our most recent trip to Kelowna. After we’ve fully stripped the bird for dinner meat I’ve been boiling the bones and making chicken and wild rice soup, one of the traditions I’ve been creating. That is if you can call ‘twice’ a tradition.

The soup has gotten rave reviews, both from my wife and her co-workers at school who have sampled her lunch. I wish I could take total credit but I only followed the recipe. Must’ve been that little touch of love I put into it. That or the healthy and intriguing aroma that wafts off of it when it’s ready to eat. My mouth waters thing about it.

So a busy day it was. But a good day, one where I felt somewhat overwhelmed, and filled and fulfilled in the end.
Nothing like a full tummy to take the cares of the world away.

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