Tis the Season to be Soggy

All I can say is Yuuuuck, summer is officially over.  Yes I know that technically it’s been over for a while now, and theoretically there’s also been another season thrown in there, but still, in my mind it’s just over now.

Tis the season to be soggy

A few things have forced this particular conclusion on me.  First, and in no particular order, there’s the snow/slush on the cars and ground this morning.  As temporary as it may be it’s still there and is a reminder of more yuuuuck to come.  Second, as equally depressing, is the occasion of putting the fifth wheel away for the season.  Yesterday I had to winterize it and take it to it’s winter home.  Lastly, it also means the gardens and plants have to be put to bed, no more flowers and chirping birds.  None of these are cause for celebration in my mind.

Many of you may look forward to the winter and what it typically brings.  I may at some point in the future too, although right now that looks like the distant future.  Winter brings the snow for all the outdoor enthusiasts, skiing, snowshoeing, but for me I think ‘shoveling’ and that’s partly where the yuuuuck comes in.  There’s also winter boots and parkas, sometimes bitter cold, and let’s not forget the lack of daylight.

Sure, it can be a beautiful season.  Yes, Christmas is in winter, and all the happiness that it brings.  There are good things.  But for me, right now, this minute, it’s yuuuuck.

I know this is a temporary thing, this mood.  And I’m sure I’ll get over it.  I’m pretty adaptable that way.

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