My Baby’s Birthday


It’s my baby’s birthday today.  Although she’s certainly no longer a baby, being that she’s now 32, she is my baby and likely always will.

We are visiting my baby and her family for the weekend to celebrate and bond but by the time this is posted we may be home.  In my zeal to organize (consolidate) all my photos I’ve taken almost all photos off my phone and will have to be at my pc to access anything I want to post.

20121014-200028.jpgSo here she is/was back in the day.  I think this was taken in 1981 when she was around 1. Anyone reading any of my past posts will recognize a strong similarity to my grandson, her baby.  Ain’t life grand?


  1. SkiDaddy

    Hmmm, I will have to think again about that, about posting current pictures of her, or anyone. I’ve always tried to maintain a certain amount of anonymity in this blog and while I know that may seem inconsistent with what I post at times it’s something I need to come to terms with. I’m sorry, I don’t want to seem insensitive to your interest but please bear with me.
    Over the last year or so I’ve made progress and divulging my “secret identity” is one challenge I’ve yet to face, posting current pictures of my adult family will have to go along with that. Please understand.

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