Dad’s Feeling Bad

I haven’t talked about Dad much lately, I guess there hasn’t been much to report. He is hanging in there and for an 82 year old is maybe doing not too bad.

I guess it’s somewhat relative though isn’t it. I saw a gentleman on the news the other day that had just competed a marathon, at the young age of 100. You can read about his amazing accomplishment here.

Compared to that he’s probably not the most spry but at least he’s able to get around, if not with his cane then with his walker. He couldn’t go far without either.

20121009-121521.jpgRight now I’m at emerg with him. He has a persistent cough and the soonest we can get in to see his Doctor is next week. That’s too long where he’s concerned, a lot can happen in a week, and its been a week or so already now.

Otherwise he’s plugging along. People often like his chipperness and say he’s a card. He seems to be well liked and has no enemies that I’m aware. For all intents he’s had a life well lived. I could certainly do worse.

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