Cleaning House

Again I’ve fallen behind in the blogging world, not updating my posts since a week or so ago. I have no good excuses. I certainly have excuses, just not good ones. My current “reason” for blog silence is just life itself, and what it entails.

What inspired this train of thought was a post entitled “Fall Cleaning….But Not What You Think”, on the Satisfying Retirement blog. I’ve known for quite some time that my life is overly complicated, needs some pruning and tuning, and would benefit greatly from some streamlining. I’ve known it but as of yet have not been able to accomplish much, to my estimation anyway.

Perhaps it’s too early in my retirement. Maybe with some time under my belt, and once I get my sea legs, things will improve. I hope I can make headway.

Perhaps, and maybe, two very loaded words. And hope is not a plan.

I think I need a housekeeper.

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