Road Weary

The last couple of days have been long, or they feel like it anyway. Even though I’m enjoying the quiet time and solitude the driving is becoming a pain, literally and figuratively. My back and bum are getting sore and they’re telling me it’s time to take a break.

20120924-221214.jpgI’ve stopped in Gibsons for the night. I arrived a bit later than I had hoped and the weather hasn’t cooperated as far as sunsets or other nice shots however I got a few from the ferry.  I’ll see about posting some of the nicer ones from by dslr soon. In the meantime I’ll put up one I took with my iPhone. On the whole I’d have to say I’m pretty happy with the pictures it takes, not super hi-res but pretty good.

Tomorrow will be my recharge day with a visit to the Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden in Vancouver.  I’m excited, and hopeful it will lend me some peace.

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