Comox at Night


I love the water, sunsets, and beauty.  It’s great when they all come together in one spot.  I found them doing that tonight.

I’ve completed my visits with family and friends and my time is now my own.  I had hoped to make it further along the traveling path I envisioned but for all the right reasons I’m a bit out of sync with my original goal.  Instead of being partially along the Sunshine Coast (the western coast of BC mainland) I sit here in Comox, about midway along the eastern coast of Vancouver Island.  It’s ok though, the whole point of this trip was enjoyment, and relaxing over the next few days will go a long ways to fitting that bill.

After settling into the hotel in Comox I felt a walk, some fresh air, and a full belly would at least partially satisfy that relaxation urge.  I grabbed my camera and headed out.

The walk took me near the local marina and as the sun was in the process of setting I didn’t have to wait long for a sunset backdrop to appear behind the anchored sailboats.  I snapped away and took the bulk of the photos with my dslr but snapped off a few with my iPhone,  just because.


I’ll get on the ferry in the morning and continue my adventure, planning on arriving in Gibsons sometime in the afternoon. I anticipate more relaxation in my future while there. Wish me luck.

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