Deck the Hall, oops I Mean Haul the Deck

Another home project will be underway soon, that being our sundeck recover. The existing vinyl coating has been in place about 18 years now and it’s tired, old and tired like me. It’s not so bad though, I don’t have as many cuts as it does nor do I have so many people walking all over me.

The facelift will begin tomorrow morning, bright and early if the contractor is good to his word. It’s not like I’m looking forward to beginning my day at the crack ass of dawn but in order to beat the heat that’s the best time. I don’t expect to do much of the work other than hauling away the debris and then reinstalling the handrails and siding once he’s done.

20120814-221545.jpgI had to remove the rails and siding as part of the contract and while they were relatively easy to take off I’m not sure how easy they’ll be to get back on. I’m sure I’ll figure it out, I generally do.

I’d really like to replace some of the siding with a manufactured stone product but I’ve already got sooo many projects started that to begin another one would be dumb. My propensity for ADD behavior, like jumping from task to task, gets me into deep doo doo and only causes me to become more stressed and overwhelmed. I just caulk the symptoms up to being bored easily but that excuse only holds water for a short time and then both my wife and I have to acknowledge there are other, deeper, personality characteristics at play.

I’m looking forward to having this part done at least. The ultimate objective is have the house made as “updated” as can reasonably be expected, as salable as possible so that when we reach the point in our lives when we are ready to move to the next step the sale of the house won’t be a deal breaker. To that end we’ve had the roof done and are contemplating other upgrades as well. Those may or may not be discussed in future posts.

In the meantime I’ll relish the completion of this project and look forward to sitting out there again, next time surrounded by my plants. At that time the only “hauling” I plan to do will include a cold beer. I’ll have one for you too.

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