Our Time Here is Done

20120719-093542.jpgOur time here is almost done.  We will be on the road shortly to continue our adventure in the US.  That is currently the plan anyway.

We’ve been staying at our daughter and son in laws for the last 2 days and nights, to catch up on laundry and of course see the family (read that grandson).  I lamented the fact in my last post that we had to spend a chunk of cash on the trailer to get a wheel alignment done but that is done now and I think we are good to go.  Let’s see what the road holds for us.

I took the attached photo at Herald the night before we left.  It struck me as being very peaceful and calming, and even though the broad expanse of sky and water left me feeling somewhat exposed it also gave me an optimism I wouldn’t expect to get from the moment.  I could’ve/should’ve stayed longer but as I so often do I let my anxiousness control me and I moved on prematurely.  For all my talking and promoting relaxation it is one of those things that seems to frequently elude me.  What is that about?  I’m thinking maybe it’s a commitment issue?  Perhaps I can’t commit easily to any situation, or emotion, or position in life?  I don’t know what to think.  Perhaps I’m not as well as I think I am and should go back into counseling (that’s said partly in jest).

On that note though, about being well, I have finally made the move to reduce my meds like I was thinking about a couple weeks ago.  Let’s see how that goes.

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