Takin’ a Break, not a Brake

We are between camping excursions at the moment, spending time with our daughter at her place while we do laundry and top up groceries etc.. We are also waiting for repairs on our trailer, and I’m a bit nervous about the outcome, of the trailer repairs not the laundry.

The trailer maintenance will be a re-alignment of the wheels, not a simple task as I understand it but a necessary one nonetheless. At some point in our travels, at Christina Lake I think, I noticed an uneven wear on the outside tread blocks of each tire. I was not impressed. There are not many miles on the trailer and I generally try to take care of my belongings. To see the accelerated wear concerned me, and rightly so.

I won’t go into the rather lengthy and convoluted story of how we ultimately arrived at the repair shop but let’s just say never trust your GPS without a little bit of back up research.

We arrived at the shop late for our appointment and there was more work than expected. The end result was the trailer had to be kept overnight and would be ready the next day. It meant another early morning trip but with some luck it will be the last time the trailer will have to see repairs for some time.

So now, hours later, the wheels are re-aligned and I’m down about $420 dollars. It was a necessary expenditure as I said but that doesn’t really diminish the pain or lessen the bite of an unexpected bill. Being that I’m now on pension my income is smaller and my ability to cover the cost from cash flow is just about nil. We will survive, we always do, just may have to add another cup of water to the soup.

Anyway, another day another dollar. We are enjoying our break and look forward to hitting the road tomorrow in good condition, both our equipment and our spirits.

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