The Morning with Dad

Photo 2011-12-12 5 38 53 PMThis morning has been spent with Dads care.  The primary reason was for a trip to the eye specialist for a follow-up check on the condition of his eyes.  This is since he has had his cataracts done, and the subsequent laser surgery to remove the opacity from the sacs that hold his new lens.  The check up was a slow process or at least seems so to me. I think it was an equally tedious event for him.

It included multiple trips for him from the waiting room chair to the examination room chair and back again.  He is not the most sure footed, nor is his balance what you or I would call adequate, but he does persevere and make the the short trek without too much ado.  At least lately that is.  It has not always been the case.

He has been in a particularly good space lately and his mental functions have surprised me. His memory has shown signs of improvement and occasionally his thoughtfulness has taken me aback.

As an example he called me on July 1st and when I saw his number on the phone my first thought was “what now?”.  My bad.  I quickly realized upon answering the phone that all he really wanted to do was talk to me and wish us a Happy Canada day.  Guilt set in, how could I be so negative and why is that frequently my first reaction in so many circumstances?  I feel like such a shit sometimes.  Needless to say we conversed for a few more minutes, exchanging pleasantries, discussing the weather, and my answering his queries about my plans for the day.  Not a long conversation, but fruitful for it showed me some of his character and reminded me he is a caring and thoughtful person.

Our Doctors visit today was much the same as past appointments.  When we were done he thanked me again as he has many times, and expressed his appreciation, always a nice thing to hear.  It was a good day, and the good days with him are, well, good.  I don’t know how many more we’ll have.

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