First One Word, then Another, One Step, and Again

I have heard that when struggling for words, when laboring for a topic, it can be helpful to first put down one word on the page.  After that initial beginning place a second word, then another, and again until your first sentence is complete. Follow the same pattern to compose your second sentence, then move onto your third, and before you know it the words will spring from the page and your post or writings will take shape.  Seems like sage advice.

I have begun as much this morning, following that advice and just writing first one word then another.  I did have some topics in mind but they just didn’t seem to fit the bill.  Their words may yet reach your ears but for now this preamble will fill the space.

I thought of my roses, perhaps another post on the “rose” theme to round out the week.  Maybe some comments on how I’m feeling or on my state of mind.  How about on current events (let’s not and say we did), or on the weather (balmy and more chance of showers).  In the end I think it will be something about Dad.

I will have to pick him up soon so my post will be brief.  I have made another doctor’s appointment for him and that will be this morning.  He took another fall a week or so ago and while he is showing no outward signs of injury like bruising he is often complaining of soreness and difficulty moving.  It is time for another visit to the clinic anyway as it’s been a number of months.  We will likely get some x-rays and perhaps an adjustment to his meds, both timely.

He has not required near as much attention as in the past.  His settling in to the “Village” has been a good thing for him.  He has made friends and for him that has been a positive step.  He is liked by the care-aides and he returns the sentiment by liking them as well.

His scooter is still a topic of some frustration as in his mind it is still not performing as it should.  I have pretty much left that issue with him to deal with as he does have the repair shops number and he is willing and able to call them.  Leave the ball in his court if you will.

Perhaps we will have other discussions today, items I can bring to this table later, but for now these few words will suffice.  Posting seems to be just like walking, one step at a time.  Eventually we will reach our destination.

Have a great day!

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