Dad’s Day

Photo 2012-06-17 10 25 57 PMMy uncle posted a photo on Facebook the other day of my Dad and I.   I was being given a haircut by my Dad when I was about 3 or 4 I’d guess.  I certainly don’t remember the day.

I will show my Dad the pic when I see him today.  I’d be curious to see if he has any recollection of the event at all. Something tells me he won’t, but he has surprised me before and may do so again.

It just depends on how lucid he is on any particular day.


Today is a “Dad day” where I will take him to one of his appointments and then we’ll have lunch.  I haven’t posted about any of these visits for quite some time even though they have been occurring at some regularity.

He is doing pretty well and still enjoying the seniors complex he has moved into. The care aides seem to take pretty good care of those living there and genuinely appear to have their best needs at heart.

In fact I just got a call from one of the girls the other day saying Dad had fallen again.  He had only told her that day, even though it was a couple days before he had taken the fall.  There didn’t seem to be any outward signs of the fall, no bruising or marks, only some point tenderness.  His falling concerns me but I really don’t know what what I can do but talk to him and reinforce the importance of his taking more care.  The last time I knew of a fall was when he decided to have a shower at 4 am and he slipped on the bath mat.  I certainly tried to nip that practice in the bud.


Dads visit with the Eye Specialist went well, today he had his left eye lasered.  He has had cataract surgery on both eyes around the beginning of the year but lately he’s been complaining of poor eyesight again, particularly when watching tv.  To check it out a couple weeks ago I took him back to the Optometrist for another eye exam and we were told the sacs holding his new lenses in his eyes are becoming more opaque, causing the loss in vision he’s been experiencing.  It’s not a significant loss, certainly not compared to the cataracts, but a loss nevertheless.

Lately I’ve learned that when he says something he’s often right, this is another case in point.  The loss can be easily rectified by in-office laser surgery, the last treatment of which we had today.  The next couple weeks will tell the tale as to whether there’s much, or any, improvement.

We went for lunch later and that’s where I showed him the photo of us.  He knew who I was but didn’t recognize himself, nor did he recall ever giving me a haircut.  It was much as I expected but he is still better than some of his peers.  Is your glass half empty or half full, right?

He told me he’s like a snake, losing his skin.  I guess when he took off his bathrobe the other day he noticed a “shower” of skin, he said like dandruff.  An interesting observation, perhaps not one I’d share over lunch.


Our visit is complete and I’ve returned home to wind down.  It still drains me a bit to visit him.  Not as much as last year or earlier this year but the stress is still there somewhat.  He still needs me though and frequently comments on how he appreciates all my help.  He tells me he couldn’t imagine doing it without me.  I’m glad he notices it though, it does make me feel good and I can only hope someone would do the same for me.

It makes the Dads day much more palatable, even in some ways pleasurable.  Always a good thing.  I will miss him when he’s gone, I love him.

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