Fishing, for Flowers

I just returned from a fishing trip, not of the aqua kind but a fishing trip for flowers.  A few non-committed minutes were available in my morning so I went down to the local nursery and browsed the shelves looking for another rose bush.

The fact that I went, by myself, may have been seen as a tad unusual and a bit out of character, and maybe even a month ago I would have agreed.  Now, today, maybe not so much.

I found the experience somewhat peaceful and a bit calming, and more than a little overwhelming.  So many choices, too many options.  I cannot at this point fully envision the garden outcome, or desired layout or placement of these potential purchases.  I can buy them alright, I have that function down pat, but where at home do I put them to optimize their beauty?  That is the question.  I came away with only a miniature climbing rose, a minnow in the big picture.

At this time I don’t feel confidant enough in myself to create and execute the garden vision.  I can cast the rod but can I set the hook and reel it in?  Why I’m afraid I do not know.  I am quite sure that were I to give it the time, and a chance, I would be successful.  If I am not willing to put in a little effort I will get little in the way of results.

“The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of that which is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope.”- Unknown

So tomorrow I will hit the “fishing” hole again, this time with my wife.  She can help me with some selections and potential placements.  Without my fishing partner I would be floundering (pun intended).  I will cast the rod again and fish for my flowers.

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