A Rose by Any other Name

20120621-092207.jpgHappy Belated Fathers day to all the dads, or soon to be dads, or wanna be dads.  Any dads are welcome, even pseudo dads.

I’m not sure what made me think of writing about Dads day today and not on Fathers day itself.  Maybe it was busyness, or lazyness, or carelessness, whatever ‘ness it was I am here now.

I have been reminded of the day frequently though as I go about my business around house and home.  I’m reminded when I see the beautiful rose bushes my wife bought me for the occasion.  How many wives buy their husbands roses I ask, and how many of those buy actual rose bushes?  I bet not many.  I am very fortunate for sure.

Another thing that I thought of when posting about Fathers Day were comments made by friends on Facebook.  Essentially they related to passing on well wishes to all the men who provided guidance and love to children, whether their own or others, and mentoring those children by showing them what it means to be a man, and a Father.

Some of these comments were directed to Grandfathers, some to close friends who provided Fatherly guidance in a home where no Father was present.  It applied to the role of Father outside the biological one.

So Happy Belated Fathers day to all those to which this applies.  After all, isn’t a rose by any other name STILL a rose?

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