Don’t I feel Dumb!

About a week or 10 days ago I went into the bank to sign some papers for a safety deposit box.  I had a box prior to this in another financial institution but my long range plan is to move most of my financial stuff into one place.  So I signed the  papers, got the keys, and came home.  After that it’s a blur.

I have been traveling more than usual, and perhaps I have more on my sieve-like mind, but my goodness I have to do better than this.  I went to get the keys for the safety deposit box and they are nowhere to be found.  What the heck is goin’ on?

Added to that was after I returned from my latest jaunt I realized I didn’t see my sunglasses when I unpacked.  I wear glasses so sunglasses are only part of my repertoire if I’ve put contacts in.  I took contacts on my trip, I was sure I took my sunglasses, but where are they now??

I went through my bags multiple times and on one final pass looking through my suitcase I found the glasses.  They were right in front of me, how could I possibly have missed them on the first couple looks?  Go figure!

With that success under my belt I will take another look around for the keys, but I fear they were thrown out with the envelope that held the bank papers.  It will only (ONLY!) cost me $50 (FIFTY bucks!!) to get the lock drilled and re-keyed.  A hefty price, but perhaps a small price to pay in the big picture.  With it comes the knowledge that not only do I feel dumb, but now I will feel poor as well.

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